Rock and Roll with sass and soul.

Yelling / Muddy Treble Dealie - Big Red Roo
The Melodic Bottom End - Bassy McPlayer

Drums - Ol' Mate Deano

Mild-mannered, tea drinkers by day and filthy swamp creatures by night. Call the censors and the fashion police and take a step inside the awkward world of Alternative-Rock Ratbags ROO.

With what appears to be blatant disregard for the rules of music, ROO are continually unafraid to flip the script and forge their own path with an exciting and refreshing approach to music and entertainment. With four DIY releases and two live EPs and  under their belt, ROO have received radio play of their releases in Australia, Germany, China, US, UK, South America and Canada.  

“Roo’s guitar work is outstanding as she performs a vocal quintathlon of styles and range.” – 4ZZZ

“Roo’s vocals feel like Janis Joplin one moment and Cherie Currie the next… Low and moody soul to a metal shriek that defies belief.” – Ellie D Official

“...Go see them play as soon as you can.” - 4ZZZ

“This band has a very unique sound… A great Australian band, this.” – The Spread

“I don’t know what you wanna call them, but they are absolutely fantastic.” – The Tripwire

“Definitely one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time… Strongly recommend giving it a listen.” - Emerge

ROO’s motto: Fun. Love. Honesty. Filth.



28th Feb - WOOLLY MAMMOTH MANE STAGE, BNE - Big Red Roo Special Guest Presenter for Concrete Palms, Sunset Junkies, Bazooka Fist, Shit Tinnies and DJ The Immigrant

29th Feb - WOOLLY MAMMOTH, BNE - Nick Cave Selected Works - ROO will join Baltimore Gun Club to become Baltimore ROO Club for a special night celebrating Nick Cave alongside Sabrina Lawrie, Bertie Page Clinic, Your Man Alex Smith, The Shambolics


Latest News

'Malicious Delicious' NO. 45 in 2019 4ZZZ Hot 100

'Malicious Delicious' eligible for voting in the 2019 4ZZZ Hot 100

Big Red Roo appears as guest on My Songs Suck podcast -

The Brave And The Free No. 48 in 2018 4ZZZ Hot 100

Tales of Rebellion EP No. 13 in 4ZZZ Top 20 Charts

Radio premiere of Awake - Rebellion

Tales Of Rebellion EP launched live in Brisbane

Radio premiere of Ding Dong Ding Diddy Dank

Radio premiere of Malicious Delicious, 4ZZZ

Radio premiere of Traumatic Spiritual Awakening, 4ZZZ

Radio premiere of I'm A Self-Employed Wanker, 4ZZZ

Roo live to air interview for QLD Women's Week / IWD discussing female-identifying musicians at Echo Boom, 4ZZZ

Review of Selkie by Emily Bunn at WECB, Boston -

ROO live to air interview at Echo Boom, 4ZZZ

Selkie no. 28 in 2017 4ZZZ Hot 100

Selkie no. 2 in 2017 Top 40 Countdown on Voice of the Avon / Tonk'n Along With Tonks

USA radio premiere of Man In The Trenchcoat

ROO In Studio at Echo Boom, 4ZZZ

Selkie nominated for 2017 4ZZZ Hot 100

Roo In Studio at 88.3 Southern FM, VIC

German radio premiere of Selkie

Canadian radio premiere of Selkie

Selkie and Coma in Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart

Man In The Trenchcoat added to Ellie D's BIG AUSSIE LOVE playlist on Spotify

Bansidhe EP #19 in 4ZZZ Charts

Selkie #21 in Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart

Review of Bansidhe EP by Music Is My Muse –

Newspaper Article about ROO / Bansidhe EP by Calen Le Couteur for Emerge / The Queensland Times -

Coma #14 on Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart

14 August - Exclusive Radio Premiere of EP Bansidhe in full + live to air EP Review on Emerge (Phoenix Radio Australia)

10 August - Feature Interview by Calen Le Couteur in The Queensland Times

7 August - Coma #14 in JJJ Unearthed Roots Chart

7 August - Feature Interview + Radio Premiere of 'Coma' on Emerge (Phoenix Radio Australia)​

30 July - Coma #9 in JJJ Unearthed Roots Chart




New Single and B Sides Reviews

June 29, 2018

In alphabetical order...  XO


Nostalgic sentiment when the rain comes

Livin’ in a daydream now don’t wake me up

Nostalgic sentment before the heartac...


April 14, 2017

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