New Single and B Sides Reviews

June 29, 2018


We like to do things differently over at ROO, so instead of asking the press  what they thought of our new songs - we asked our fellow musicians.  Here's what they had to say about 'Traumatic Spiritual Awakening' and 'I'm A Self-Employed Wanker'.


 - Jimmy of Jimmy Sky, Sunlander, Love Hate Rebellion



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening – Play this at my funeral.


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker – The essential guide to life.  Stressed?  Listen to this song.  Nursing a broken heart?  Listen to this song.  Planning to not give a fuck?  Do whatever the fuck you want but probably listen to this song.

- Brendan of Brendan The Bard



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening – A rollicking tale delivered with a palpable intensity and passion.  Guaranteed to make you smile out loud.


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker – The moments that can make or break your day.  Choose wisely.

- Brien of Goatzilla



I enjoyed both these songs, just wish they were longer or there were more.  More would be good.

- Alex of DAZEY



Rude and raucous – Brissy’s resident ratbags aren’t afraid to tell you where to go with these two rollicking rippers.  If you’ve got the stones, you should be following these guys.  Bundles of fun and a refreshing break from the super serious sorts getting around in the scene.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl.

- Byron of Sunset Junkies



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening – Raw, brash, simple yet honest for a spiritual awakening.


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker – Hilarious and honestly what the majority of people want to do.  For the self-employed wanker.

- Chris of Regular Band



My reviews of the two tunes – each in the form of a haiku.

Traumatic Spiritual Awakening -

Bassy McPlayer

Finally given a voice

Everyone gets fucked


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker -

ROO – the band – release

One minute of honesty

Surprise!  Roo says cunt.

- Cam of Echo Boom, 4ZZZ



Aussie folk meets Rodney Rude.  A less country version of Kevin Bloody Wilson.

-Doug of The Watchers



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening - This song is way more fun than it has any right to be.  It's funny that will all the punk I listen to, a small group of people yelling 'Why don't you all go and get fucked?' did more for me than a 21 year old with a fringe in a band with a stupid name like 'With Ink Instead Of Blood Shining From Her Rose Coloured Tattoo' ever has.  Maybe all we need is a choir of people telling everyone we know to get fucked.


I'm a Self-Employed Wanker -  Yeah, fuck this, I'm not getting out of bed either.  It's catchy as hell and the rapid fire vocal that would make most lil X rappers jealous is going to be in my head for a while yet.  Also, I'm going to cut the intro of Hogan's Heroes right at the end, because I feel like that would be a fun idea.

-Aiden of Aiden Bradley



I’m A Self-Employed Wanker leaves the listener empathising with Roo’s battle of dealing with the daily grind.  The catchy rhythm enters your head like the alarm clock during your wake from slumber.  A short but sweet song which could almost be a prelude for Traumatic Spiritual Awakening.  This is a tribute to those who have had enough with everyone and everything.  The catchy lyrics can be sung out loud by first time listeners.  It’s hard not to listen to this track without smiling and having a chuckle.  Both tracks are witty controversial, rhythmic and loaded with hooks.  The addition of Bassy McPlayer to the line-up has opened doors to another level of ROO magic.

- Aaron of Broken Leg



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening – Starts off with that bluegrass 'swang' to it.  A bit unsure of the title though, at first I was wondering if I had received the right song and was going to write back ‘why don’t you go and get fucked’, but this is the song when you’re in between that chilled out ‘don’t give a fuck’ state of being to the other end of the scale of being downright farking rebellious, but caught in the dilemma of ‘I don’t want to get arrested or get into trouble’ state of conscious being.  I like it as a dirty tune I can sing under my breath when my fellow work colleagues are pissing me right off.  So why don’t you all go and get farked.  Oh, I feel so naughty singing it.


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker – This next song is one I know so well and love as a bit of a hoedown tune.  It’s def my Monday morning go to song ‘cause I hate getting out of bed and going to work, ‘cause I’m a self-employed wanker.  Well, not me, but I certainly know a few.

- Deb



Traumatic Spiritual Awakening – This catchy, country ditty explores the mind of a highly intelligent but deeply troubled individual, who struggles with interpersonal relationships and one day comes to the sudden, shocking realisation that people are cunts and they can all go and get fucked.


I’m A Self-Employed Wanker – I thought I was reviewing a B Side track called ‘I’m A Self-Confessed Wanker’ for Brisbane band ROO, but perhaps there’s been a mix-up because instead of a tune, I was sent a link to a wonderful movie about a boxer.  Perhaps ROO were involved in the movie soundtrack – I’m not sure, I didn’t recognise Big Red Roo’s raunchy vocals, however I reviewed the movie just in case.



The second greatest boxing movie of all time – beaten only by Raging Bull.  This rags to riches pugilist fable remains Sylvester Stallone’s only real cinematic achievement, the surprise being that he not only delivers a winning performance as the loveable lunkhead seizing his chance to take on the champ, but also penned, or rather dictated, the script.

Locations used masterfully, there’s some genuinely charming scenes – the ice rink sequence is classic – and knows exactly when to stop.  Pretty much a template for high concept drama while Don Simpson was a mere glint in his dealer’s eye.

This is really Sly’s movie as he slugs his way through a heartfelt performance and delivers some cracking punches both literally and emotionally.

4 stars.

-Phil of Punktilious






























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